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Council for Native Customs & Traditions

Bejalai Bertungkatka adat, Tinduk bepanggalka Pengingat



Programmes and activities


Collecting information on the various customary laws (adat) of the Dayak, examining, codifying and making recommendations for their application and enforcement.  This includes reviewing from time to time the customary laws of the Dayak and making recommendations for their amendments or abolition of non-productive adat which is detrimental to the progress of the country.

Collecting and documenting oral traditions of the Dayak, which include amongst others legends, myths, folk-lores, epics, chants, prayers, poetry, ethno-history and migration. These are kept in tapes  and transcriptions in archive for safe keeping and as a source of reference material for researchers. Oral traditions are the source of customary laws.

Collecting and documenting traditional musics, dances, songs and games in audio and video records for posterity as well as for a source of reference material for researchers.

Organizing training courses for Native Chiefs and relevant Government Officers on the concepts and   application of customary laws (adat).