We pledge to provide quality and excellent services to our clients through the implementation of the following activities in line with the duties and functions enshrined in the MajlisAdatIstiadat Ordinance.

·   1. To conduct at least ten (10) courses a year on the adat for community leaders and other relevant officers to enhance their knowledge and skills in the application and enforcement of the Adat;

·   2. To provide advisory service on the interpretation and guidance on the implementation of the adat within five (5) working days upon request;

·   3. To approve proposals to conduct any study or research relating to the adat and Native Customary law within five (5) working days;

·   4. To certify the validity of marriage under Native Customary Laws within ten (10) working days;

·   5. To answer query on Native Marriage Electronic System (NAMES) within three (3) working days; and

·   6.  To appraise and convey the decision on student attachment application for industrial training within ten (10) working days.